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Our VISION: yoga that is...




we are a safe space for you to connect, move, relax, collaborate and engage.

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Intentional. Inclusive. Inspired.

This is more than our tag line. Our vision is to provide mindful yoga to everyone regardless of their age, size, shape, religion, physical or mental abilities.

Yoga is more than exercise. Classical yoga incorporates practices for the body, energy, mind and spirit. Whether you are stiff or flexible, experienced in yoga or have never taken a class, we work with you to optimize your experience.

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Why Atma Center?

“When practicing yoga at the Atma Center, there is a strong sense of people striving for the same goal, but each in their own individual way.”


linda b. says:

"The class is like coming to the end of a good book and you just don’t want the last chapter to end."

Saraswati says:

"Never have I found a Yoga Center more committed to serving my needs so that I might become a true yoga practitioner. This is a wonderful place. Run don't walk!"

Cynthia Taylor, MD SAYS:

"The yoga at the Atma Center doesn't get you ready for the Olympics. It gets you ready for yourself."


Our Offerings

Here at Atma Center we offer Classes, Workshops, Special Teachings, Private Sessions, Corporate Classes and so much more.


Grounded in ancient traditions, this system of yoga is adapted to meet the needs of modern society.  Satyananda Yoga is a holistic system, integrating the whole person with an emphasis on awareness to bring about change on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  

what can i study?

Gain a better understanding of the subtleties of pranayama, meditation and more. Explore the philosophy and psychology behind yoga. A place to ask questions and explore. A place to cultivate critical thinking and open-mindedness while integrating yoga more fully into your life. Upcoming trainings include Ayurveda, Swara Yoga, Tattwa Shuddhi, and other unique offerings!


The Atma Center launched its Yog@Work program in 2004 to meet the increasing demand by employers for wellness services.  Since its inception, the Yog@Work program has served over 60 corporate and non-profit clients, providing direct service to more than 1000 people. 


At Atma Center we also offer private classes. Enjoy personalized instruction. Schedule a class at a time that's convenient for you. Work on a practice that you find challenging. Learn modifications for health conditions. ALL of our teachers can provide you with basic guidance on poses, breath practices and meditations.


Our workshops offer you access to further motivation and inspiration with opportunities to more fully commit to, and build your practice. Gain true ownership of your own unique practice. Connect with a welcoming, diverse community among lovers of yoga.


In the past decade, modern medicine and scientific studies have documented how body, mind and spirit all closely influence overall health. This concept has been integral to classical yoga for thousands of years, and because yoga addresses the whole individual - physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually - it provides healing at many different levels. Yoga as therapy is one of the original forms of holistic health management.


our students’ insights

Coming to the Atma Center has changed my life.  The practices themselves helped me to move forward positively naturally from within.

-Sue G.



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Join us or one of our class offerings that fit your needs best. Not sure what class fits you? Check out our class descriptions.


Visit our online store for Yoga books, CDs, digital downloads, props and accessories, malas, deity statues, unique gifts, and much more!

study yoga

Further your knowledge of yoga. Study with us in our study yoga mentorship program lead by Sandy Gross & Swami Atmarupa.