Swami Atmarupa

Swami Atmarupa

Swami Atmarupa is an acharya of yoga - a master teacher - who has been teaching yoga since 1995 and founded the Atma Center in 1997. During the past 24+ years, she has taught thousands of students, many of them coming from across the US and around the world and who continue to attend her weekly classes and workshops via webinar.


“There is no one that I know who  knows more about the practical application of yoga and the theory and physiology (mental and physical) behind it.”

“Atmarupa synthesizes the deep, profound complexity of the Satyananda yoga tradition for her students and teaching that in a wise yet adaptable and easy way, again and again and again.”

“Excellent knowledge presented in a subtle, even manner.  Atmarupa gently brings in powerful teachings that can be understood by each student at his or her level of awareness and development.”

“Atmarupa is capable of recognizing what a particular individual may need from a yogic perspective and formulating a customized approach to accomplish it. I believe she has this “gift” as she has keen powers of observation and outstanding knowledge to provide yogic solutions to root causes/issues.”