What Can I Study?

Understanding Your Inner Elements

Utilizing Swara Yoga and Tattwa Shuddhi

With Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati

Swami Muktibhodananda is a world-class exponent of the Satyananda Yoga system. She is a yogacharya, or master teacher of yoga, who enjoys teaching ancient yogic practices to a modern day audience. 

She started her yoga journey in 1972 and studied under the direct guidance of Swami Satyananda for 10 years in India.  During this time she authored Swara Yoga: The Tantric  Science of Brain Breathing, and the internationally acclaimed translation and commentary Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Light on Hatha Yoga

Based in Brisbane, Australia, she continues to teach and lecture on many aspects of yoga and tantra  in Australia and abroad.

Ayurveda Foundation Course

With James Bailey

The Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Program is a 12-day immersion into the Ayurveda wellness arts and the practical workings of an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, or C-AHC. Level 1 programs are ideal for self-healing, family care, and helping those closest to us in our communities. The program is open to everyone and may be taken as a stepping stone to the Level 2 & 3 advanced programs or alone.

Students will begin the process of becoming an Ayurvedic counselor by focusing on healing themselves and the people closest to them. This is based on the premise that we must know how to heal ourselves before we can heal others.

Level 1 also serves as an overview, allowing students to see how Ayurveda works in both theory and practice before committing to the Level 2 Advanced Certification Program.


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Study Yoga Mentoring Group

With  Swami Atmarupa and Guests

What will you get?

A better understanding of the subtleties of pranayama, meditation and more.
An exploration of the philosophy and psychology behind yoga.
A place to ask questions and explore new techniques.
A place to cultivate open-mindedness and critical thinking.
The ability to integrate yoga more fully into your life and work.
Motivation and inspiration to more fully commit to and build your practice.
True ownership of your own unique practice.
A welcoming, diverse community among lovers of yoga.

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Program is currently on hiatus until the fall. Check back for new offerings coming soon.
More information: studyyoga@atmacenter.com