Episode 3 | Relationships, Ugh!

Did you know the Yoga Sutras gives advice about relationships? The Yoga Sutras is one of the classic texts studied in yoga and was written over 2000 years ago. It contains 196 short phrases that summarize what is known as Raja Yoga. How could it still be relevant in this day and age? Because yoga is the science of life!

Today’s episode will discuss relationships and guidelines that from the Yoga Sutras regarding relationships.


Notes from the show:

  • Neurological thought loops are called samkaras.

    • Planned action

  • In the Yoga Sutras, Chapter 1, Sutra number 33, there is advice about relationships. There are four different attitudes that need to be managed to manage different situations and relationships. They are as follows.

    • For those who are happy, we should meet them with friendliness

    • For those who are suffering, we should meet them with compassion

    • For those who are virtuous, we should rejoice to hear them

    • For those who express their vices, their negativities, treat them with indifference

  • Maitri is the Sanskrit word for friendly. It is a deeper manifestation of friendliness that arrises spontaneously without any effort.

  • The Sanskrit word for compassion is Karuna, which occurs when compassion flows out of you bringing comfort and support out of the concern for the well-being others.

  • Mudita is the Sanskrit word for joy.

  • Upeksha a form of psychological non-contact, whereby their actions do not upset your equilibrium. It is not detachment. It is not letting the actions of others to live on in you!

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Beverly Singh