Private Classes:

  • Enjoy personalized instruction

  • Schedule a class at a time that's convenient for you

  • Work on a practice that you find challenging

  • Learn modifications for health conditions

All Atma Center teachers can provide you with basic guidance on poses, breath practices and meditations.

*If you have a physical condition you will want to choose one of the following teachers.

Note: Level 1 = 2 years / 1000+ hour of training | | Level 2 = 4 years /2000+ hours of training

Level 2:


Deb Smith

Gita (Lynn Kennedy)

Level 1:

Deb Klein

Physical Conditions:

  • back pain: Atmarupa, Deb Klein, Deb Smith, Gita

  • joint pain (including joint replacement pre- and post-operative care): Atmarupa,  Deb KleinDeb Smith

  • carpal tunnel syndrome:  Deb Klein

  • cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions: Atmarupa , Deb Smith

  • asthma and allergies:  Deb Smith, Atmarupa

  • Digestion: Atmarupa, Deb Smith

Mental conditions:

  • anxiety, depression and mental health concerns: Atmarupa

Specialty populations:

  • children's yoga: Deb Smith

  • pre- and post-natal yoga: Atmarupa, Karunadhara, Deb Smith

  • menopause and women's health: Deb Smith

  • healthy aging: Atmarupa, Deb Klein

In-depth instruction:

  • advanced yoga techniques: Atmarupa, Karunadhara, Deb Smith

  • cleansing practices: Atmarupa, Deb Smith

  • applied anatomy & physiology training:Deb Smith, Atmarupa

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Level 1       Level 2  

 1/2 hour                $50           $60       

 1 hour                    $90         $110    

 Share a class - $20 for additional students

Off-Site Classes

Our teachers are available to bring our unique style of yoga to you! Classes can be structured for adults or children.

Consider a yoga class:

  • at your place of employment

  • at your meeting or event

  • at school

  • at church

  • in the park

Please contact us at to plan your event.