My physical, mental and spiritual health have steadily improved over the last 17 of those years as I have attended classes across many levels. I have become more flexible, calm, patient and aware thanks to all the foundation classes, the many specialty classes, the intermediate classes with advanced yoga practices, and the wonderful workshops offered so abundantly over the years.

Ann Olszewski

I found a welcoming setting that truly does cater to bodies of every shape and size and is willing to meet you wherever YOU are in your yoga practice. I was a beginner and was treated with equal kindness and respect as the most seasoned yogis. 

Kathi Rosen

I moved to Cleveland in the spring of 2002 and soon after I came across the Atma Center. It was a warm and welcoming space. I felt at home. The yoga was excellent. 

Shakthi Paramasivam

The Atma Center means so much to me because of how much Satyananda Yoga has helped me to change my life for the better. I started attending yoga classes eight years ago when I was a different person. 


The Atma Center provides students with deep knowledge of an even deeper practice and is an invaluable resource to the yoga community of Northeast Ohio.


Thank you Atma Center...for the yoga that has helped free me from the need for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.