Swami Ji, the OG | Coming Soon!

Hello fellow yogis! Get ready for a new podcast, hosted by me, Atmarupa Saraswati. I am the Founder of Atma Center, a yoga studio that serves as s safe space for you to connect, move, relax, collaborate and engage. I have been teaching yoga for twenty five years, so I wanted to share all of the knowledge that I’ve collected in a new podcast, called Swami Ji, the OG. I believe that yoga is so much more than headstands and splits. Yoga heals the body. Yoga heals the mind. On Swami Ji, the OG, we are exploring what that means. On this podcast, we are going to delve into the science of yoga. If you are ready to expand your knowledge of yoga, and learn what it can do to change your life, this podcast is for you.

Full episodes coming soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s connect on Instagram. Please feel free to send me your questions. I will answer them on future podcast episodes to enliven your practice even more!

Beverly Singh