All Levels

Each technique in this class is presented with different options so you get a practice customized for your own strengths and needs. Every class includes yoga postures for strength and flexibility along with breathing practices and meditation for stress relief.

Healthy Back

Learn yoga practices to create and maintain a strong, supple and healthy back.  Many of these techniques can be used on and off the mat to prevent and heal many low back problems. This class focuses on learning healthy alignment, while strengthening, stretching and balancing the supporting structures of the spine.  You will learn to recognize and strengthen the core. Breathing and guided meditations are included to help release deeply held tensions that often exacerbate back pain.

Breathe & Heal

Explore pranic practices through breathing and awareness of our life force energy, and why these practices heal body & mind. Includes the technique of prana nidra, a practice similar to yoga nidra.

Foundation A


Improve your flexibility, strength, and stamina and learn basic breathing and stress relief techniques. The practices in Foundation A can help relieve and prevent degenerative conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure and back problems. Suitable for all regardless of fitness level, health conditions or age. Teachers will provide modifications for your unique needs in this non-competitive environment.

Foundation B


Improve cardiovascular health and upper body strength with flowing Sun Salutation and more challenging asanas. You will also develop mental focus and concentration through more advanced meditative practices.

Foundation C


This class increases core strength and flexibility through an exploration of classic postures such as triangle, half camel and the poses of Sun Salutation. Breathing practices and meditations increase lung capacity and relieve stress.



Deepen your practice by exploring the theory behind more advanced postures, breathing practices, meditation techniques, and mudras. Be able to comfortably perform 6 rounds of full Satyananda Yoga Sun Salutation, know basic breathing techniques such as nadi shodana and ujjayi, and sit comfortably still for at least 20 minutes. Please speak with an instructor or phone 216-371-9760 to obtain permission to attend, especially after the first week of a session.

Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra Chanting


Join a group chanting of the Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra 108 times every Saturday from 4:30-5 pm. This mantra, chanted on Saturdays at The Bihar School of Yoga in India and Satyananda ashrams around the world, is believed to encourage healing. Names of people in need of support may be added to a list which is read and remembered before each chanting session.

Restorative Yoga


Relax deeply in stress-releasing, re-energizing postures. Using blankets and bolsters to support the body, positions are held for several minutes, allowing the release of deeply held tensions. As each position is held, the muscles, joints and mind can learn to relax completely. All levels will benefit from this no-impact, revitalizing class. You must be able to get up and down from the floor.

Yoga Nidra / Meditation Level 1


Start each class with the very popular practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation that rests you at all levels of being! Once relaxed, the sitting mindfulness meditation becomes much easier and yields better results.

Yoga Nidra/ Meditation Level 2


Must have completed at least 6 months of yoga nidra/meditation classes and obtain permission of teacher.

Yoga for Anxiety


In the US approximately 18% of the population can be diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder at any time. However, nearly everyone has experienced anxiety for various periods of time. Major symptoms of anxiety affect the body, energy, emotions, mind, and spirit. Therefore, yoga is an excellent resource to alleviate anxiety, especially Satyananda Yoga. Satyananda Yoga integrates practices that address all aspects of our being, cultivating a state of awareness that can help you become more objective and present, resulting in decreased stress and anxiety.

Yoga for Healthy Aging


Support your body’s aging process. This mixed level class is appropriate for all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Chair-based practice is an option.

Yoga for Kids


Yoga for Kids is a yoga class designed specifically for a child’s developing body and mind. Students will learn good breathing habits and relaxation techniques while enhancing concentration, balance, strength, and flexibility. We currently offer 2 classes at the same time to facilitate family involvement - one for 4-7 year olds and one for 8-11 year olds.