What inspires you? What breathes life into you? What encourages you?

For me, the students at the Atma Center inspire me every day! Like everyone, there are days when life can get me down. Days when I feel like I want to pull the covers over my head and hide! But every time I feel like quitting, a student comes to me and tells me what a difference the Atma Center has made in his or her life and thanks me.

Or I’m just so tired heading in to teach yet another yoga class, but then I always leave that class feeling restored. Sharing yoga breathes life into me.

And as I grow older, I’m encouraged by Maitri, who still loves her life even as an elderly 3 legged dog.

Send me what inspires you and we will anonymously share it with this amazing yoga community in our next newsletter.

Intentional. Inclusive. Inspired. It’s who we are!

Swami Atmarupa