The Atma Center has had the tagline, Yoga for EVERY Body for as long as I can remember. The idea was that a body of any shape or size or color or level of fitness could do yoga. Over the years, many have come and gone not “liking” our yoga, saying it’s too slow, not enough of a workout or too relaxing, saying we aren’t for EVERY Body. As part of this year’s re-evaluating and updating, we will be changing our tagline.

Intentional. Inclusive. Inspired.

Last month I spoke to how yoga at the Atma Center is “Intentional.” Our teachers plan each 8 week session based on themes to enhance your understanding of yoga, and provide you the guidance, space and time to participate in a way that allows you to move and progress in your own unique way.

This month we look at “Inclusive.” Inclusive means to be all-embracing.  In recent times, yoga is most often represented by young, thin, white women who are fit and flexible which may make some feel it’s out of reach. We are here to embrace all. We embrace those who need yoga in a chair because they can’t yet get down on the floor. We embrace students from age 4 - 80+, all sizes, all shapes, all colors, all ethnicities, all sexual orientations. Show up in cool yoga clothes, in sweats or whatever lets you move. It doesn’t matter, we are here to serve you.

Inclusive also means comprehensive. Satyananda Yoga is one of the most comprehensive styles of yoga of modern times. More than physical exercise, you will practice asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices), yoga nidra or meditation in every class, and the practices will progress as you are ready to receive them. There are also ample opportunities to learn deeper practices as well as the more esoteric teachings that may challenge you to be a better you through workshops and seminars, and in-depth trainings.

We can even include you if you are not local. We have students from around the country and overseas who attend our classes and workshops via webinar. Just send us an email to learn how you can participate.

Thanks to all who are part of our inclusive community and we look forward to having more people join us!