What is Commitment?

What is Commitment? I used to be an anesthetist. It was a job that required great skill, patience and commitment. It was my job to keep someone alive and asleep no matter what else was happening, working hours on end, day and night, weekends and holidays because hospitals never close. I took care of trauma patients, open heart and all sorts of other surgery patients, gave epidurals for obstetrics and regularly worked 24 hour shifts.

One day after being up all night and after 23 years in practice, I realized it was enough. I requested a leave of absence and by the end of the month I had rented the space for the Atma Center and began the process of opening a holistic health center. The space had been the home of the state liquor store and needed work. It was February of 1997. My colleagues thought I was nuts. "What do you know about running a business like that?" "What if you fail?" To which I replied, "What if I succeed? What's the risk? I can always come back to anesthesia!"

I opened the Atma Center August 15, 1997 after doing the most basic of renovations. For the first 2 years, I continued to work two 24 hour obstetrical calls per week until the hospital closed its obstetrical unit in 1999. At that point I had to take a true leap of faith. I knew how to work hard and how to work long hours. I fully committed to making the Atma Center work.

Fast forward to today, nearly 22 years after finding and leasing the space.

Looking back so much has happened! The space was renovated in 2004. Lots of ups and downs! Lots of laughs and tears! Students have come and gone! Teachers have come and gone! Maitri is the third dog!

But ever since the beginning, three things remain constant: 1) We teach an authentic style of yoga adapted to the needs of our students; 2) The transformation of students' health and well-being never ceases to amaze me; and 3) I continue to show up again and again, day after day, year after year. And I am committed to serving you as best as I can.

Thank you for all of the love and inspiration. I look forward to seeing more of you as we move into 2019.

Beverly Singh