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Be a Student of Your Body - Student Workshop Series

with Sandy Gross

Sat, January 19th Noon to 5pm

Study Yoga Mentoring Group

with Swami Atmarupa & Sandy Gross
 2/8, 2/10

Restorative Yoga : Opening to Healing Energy 

with Deb Smith
Friday, Feb. 15th 5:30 to 7:30pm

Forgiveness & Salutations : Lifestyle Yama & Niyama

with Swami Atmarupa
Sat. March 2nd 2:00 to 4:00 pm



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 What Our Students Think

Imagine you're in the middle of your life . . . surrounded by your issues, your problems, your busyness, your to-do list. Now imagine setting that all to the side. It's greyed out. It's in another place. You are in a place of peace, clarity, humor. You can see your life objectively. You can ponder your issues and questions without being right in the middle of them. Things are clear. Time to think. (and get healthy) ~ Juli Edberg

I'm strong. I'm limber. I'm happy. I am more objective. What's not to like? ~ Anonymous

With gratitude to Atmarupa and the Atma Center for creating a healing, growing and educational space that I feel is unique and essential for a balanced living and community. ~ Linda Kabat

I first went to the Atma Center with a skepticism and ignorance about yoga. I had initially tried an Ali McGraw tape which was too advanced and too difficult and left me wondering why anyone would ever want to do these practices. Later I was inexplicably, and repeatedly drawn to Wai Lana, a tape I found at Border's Book Store. After a 30 minute practice I found the first bit of peace and relief from the panic attacks I had been experiencing for nine months. With the first class at the Atma Center, I realized this was the same type of yoga and it resonated with me like my own skin. I felt comfortable and comforted! Atma Center was a place of family, friends, fun, laughter (lots and lots), love, anger, tears, knowledge and growth. I learned and incorporated the tools to get through life and trauma with those experiences. I don't think I would be here today if not for those relationships. There was nothing better - absolutely nothing better and I miss it still. I realize that we can never go back, but I would love to cultivate some of the same types of experiences going forward. Those are the bonds that hold a society together and uplifted. Om Tat Sat!! ~ D.A.D

I've been a student at the Atma Center for longer than I can remember. At one point, before the current configuration there was a bucket in the middle of the studio to catch a drip from a leaky ceiling. Yes, that long!

I was fortunate to make the Atma Center my first excursion into yoga. The slogan 'Honor Your Limitations' was, and still is, so appealing. Satyananda Yoga is the right 'style' for me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I attend several classes each week, so over the years I've been privileged to experience various teachers' methods. They are all bound to the essentials of the tradition, but each has a unique perspective and focus. It is rare to leave a class without some small gem of new knowledge, whether it's a way of approaching an asana or life itself. I've met some wonderful people - now good friends - in these classes and I know that long-time students feel the same.

There have been many changes in my life over the years - duh! And, though yoga isn't a contest, I am pleased to know that I am physically in much better shape than many of my friends. Even more important, I feel better equipped to manage - and even embrace - the ebb and flow of daily life. My personal progress in yoga has been slow but steady. The rewards of my efforts, encouraged by knowledgeable, committed teachers and supported by like-minded students have been life-changing in the most positive ways. ~ Susan Zull

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the Atma Center for providing an extraordinary wellness resource to the community for 21 years. My physical, mental and spiritual health have steadily improved over the last 17 of those years as I have attended classes across many levels. I have become more flexible, calm, patient and aware thanks to all the foundation classes, the many specialty classes, the intermediate classes with advanced yoga practices, and the wonderful workshops offered so abundantly over the years. Sincere appreciation to Atmarupa and Atmadarshan for their leadership and to all the amazing teachers who have touched my life and who keep me progressing forward on life's journey. ~ Ann Olszewski

When my husband died 4 years ago, I stayed in my house for a long, long time not interested in doing much of anything but grieve. Coming to Atma Yoga Center was the first thing that got me out of my house and on the path to regaining my life. I found a welcoming setting that truly does cater to bodies of every shape and size and is willing to meet you wherever YOU are in your yoga practice. I was a beginner and was treated with equal kindness and respect as the most seasoned yogis. The routine helped me structure my days and socialize with friendly classmates and teachers. The practice helped me relax both my body and my mind deeply, and learn techniques that I could use anytime to increase my mindfulness and relieve stress. In more ways than one, Atma Center was and is a lifesaver for me. ~ Kathi Rosen

I often ask myself, "Why DO I keep coming back to the Atma Center, year after year, now in my second decade?" Apparently I keep learning more about myself. After all, life is change and transformation, a constant. Pretty hard to sum it up in a paragraph. I could write a book of all the wild yoga experiences, the ups and downs, the many times of not wanting to return, up to the present time. None of that really matters. The point is, these practices of Satyananda Yoga, under the guidance of Swami Atmarupa and Atmadarshan, continue to enrich me where I am now. Yoga should meet me where I am at each moment. I met Atmarupa shortly after completing Yoga Teacher Training in another tradition. It was difficult to open myself to a totally different approach to yoga, but I quickly became curious, and began practicing weekly at the Atma Center. After many classes, yogic studies, workshops, weekend retreats, Teacher Training and the several years of Friday morning Continuing class (the best of the best), I am finally teaching at the center. I was certainly given the time and space to go at my own pace, make the best modifications and decisions that were in my best interest and truly never feeling any pressure. I've continued to study with other teachers in various styles and traditions, however I am proud to say that my heart is in the foundation of the Satyananda Yoga lineage. I will forever be thankful for the years of dedication, class planning and room for growth that the Friday Continuing class offered, and the comprehensive structured organization of the certified courses offered at the Atma Center.
Om Shanti, ~ Denise

I am so grateful to Atmarupa and the staff of the Atma Center. Some years ago I went there for low back issues. Well, not only did my lower back improve, but through the gift of yoga, the quality of my life also improved. Atmarupa has dedicated much of her life teaching and bringing us the true beauty of yoga to her community for years.  I will always be thankful for the opportunity she has given me and never forget my time at the Atma Center... Blessings to you my dear friend! ~Edward Russell

I moved to Cleveland in the spring of 2002 and soon after I came across the Atma Center. It was a warm and welcoming space. I felt at home. The yoga was excellent. The yoga taught at the Atma Center is true to the intent of traditional yoga with emphasis on the development of the whole being- physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, unlike most places that just focus on the physical asanas. It was exactly what I needed at that time. But what was even better was the sense of community that the Atma Center fostered in the area, I am still good friends with people that I met there 14 years ago! If you would like to learn more about yourself through yoga, there is no better place to practice yoga than the Atma Center under the wonderful guidance of Atma, Gita, Debby, Atmadarshan, Madhura and many more excellent teachers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~ Shakthi Paramasivam

Now turning 80, though a National Honor Society student, a Cornell University graduate and a Kent State Doctor of Philosophy, my last ten-years' study of Satyananda Yoga at Atma Center has yielded priceless learning. It has helped me to develop better control over my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Recently, with our Yama-Niyama Study Group, new insight is dawning about relating with other people more constructively. When I feel bad for any reason, yoga class always helps me feel a lot better. Atma Center provides the best instruction I have ever experienced. ALL of my Atma Center classes, taught by ALL of the numerous teachers, have contribute to this progress Thanks to you, it's exciting and a pleasure to be "elderly." Happy 19th anniversary! Wishing you continuing success in your valuable contributions to our community and to the wider world that benefits from Satyananda Yoga.  ~ Sheila Friedman

The Atma Center literally changed my life. I came to my first yoga class here to learn about meditation. As the years went by, I acquired a new skill (teaching yoga!), opportunities to travel the world and a new outlook on life - from relying solely on modern science and research to discovering the depth of ancient traditions and personal experience. Plus I get to meet and work with some of the nicest people in all of Cleveland, our students. What a gift! ~ Atmadarshan

The Atma Center means so much to me because of how much Satyananda Yoga has helped me to change my life for the better. I started attending yoga classes eight years ago when I was a different person. I remember that I could not sit anywhere but the back of the studio near the wall, both because I didn't have the back and core strength to sit on my own for that long, and also because I was shy. I remember when I first started that I sometimes had a hard time closing my eyes during yoga nidra because I was depressed and closing my eyes was too difficult. The past eight years of doing yoga have helped me in both mental and physical ways. My body is much stronger now. I can sit for long periods of time without pain, and I can do many strengthening poses such as cobra which I never had the upper body strength to do before. Most importantly yoga has helped me mentally. I suffer from depression and anxiety, but coming to yoga class (especially the classes geared towards the mind) has given me tools to better handle my emotions and feelings. I sleep better and feel better when I regularly attend yoga class. I cannot thank the Atma Center enough for all the ways it has helped me over the years. ~ Anonymous

I began my yoga practice at 7 when I became interested in meditation. There were no kids' classes in my area, so I attended an adult class (taught by Beverly Singh, Swami Atmarupa) with my mother who ended up transitioning into a career in yoga. As a result, I have many fond memories of the Atma Center as a central part of my childhood. I attended retreats and teacher training courses with Swamis from all over the world which opened my mind to different ways of living and learning. Developing a knowledge of yogic science as a child and teenager was a terrific supplement to my education and development as a well-rounded person. I learned and sang many kirtans and felt at home in a warm community of yoga practitioners. The Atma Center provides students with deep knowledge of an even deeper practice and is an invaluable resource to the yoga community of Northeast Ohio. ~ Cait

What has the Atma Center meant to me? It has provided me with the tools to improve the quality of my life and to allow me to live my life to its' fullest. First, it helped me overcome a nagging back injury. Next, it opened me up to the world. It provided me with the confidence to travel throughout the world, which presented me with amazing experiences. It taught me skills which I was able to teach others, thus improving the quality of their lives. In addition, I made lifelong, worldwide friendships. For me, the Atma Center is PRICELESS!!! ~ Gita

Thank you Atma Center...for the yoga that has helped free me from the need for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. For providing a new understanding of the mind/body relationship and for the improved focus, relaxation and better sleep as a result from the practices of Asana, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra. ~ Anonymous

"Never have I found a Yoga Center more committed to serving my needs so that I might become a true yoga practitioner. This is a wonderful place. Run don't walk!" -Saraswati

"The yoga at the Atma Center doesn't get you ready for the Olympics. It gets you ready for yourself." - Cynthia Taylor, MD

"The class is like coming to the end of a good book and you just don’t want the last chapter to end." - Linda B.

"Learning to breathe from Atmarupa is not even like Foundation A, it’s like Foundation LIFE!" - Cathy

"I feel like a brand new human being!" - Jennifer

"I absolutely love your center and classes. It's a very different practice than what I'm used to, but I love it. I left class feeling so good every time. Your teachers are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. I've been practicing for many years and I learned so much just in one short month." - JB

"I always feel better after every class!" - Laurie A. 

"I do yoga 3-4 times a week. I do high-intensity strength training at least once a week and I power walk/jog twice a week. Both my strength training and my aerobic activities have been intensified by my yoga practice. The core strength I have gained from yoga has allowed me to engage in my strength training in a way that was not possible before and the results are palpable. 

I believe all of these changes have contributed to a mental acuity that I was missing. My heart is open. I feel balanced, renewed, rejuvenated and happy. My kids tell me I am aging backwards."

– NZ

"The Atma Center has become a very important and vital part of my life." - SH

"I am eternally grateful to Swami Atmarupa, the Atma Center, and Satyananda Yoga® for offering a community-based program that has nurtured my growth into my “later years.” In the end, it is the ongoing process of deepening awareness that comes with continued practice, which constitutes the spiritual support for navigating each day with the clarity and insight that I need at this stage in my life. And the transformation continues…"

– MB

"The place to which God sent me, after a loud inner cry for help, was Atma Center. I’m grateful to have a long-term relationship with teachers who hold space for me to grow, and I’m living in a space of awareness that growth doesn’t happen overnight but rather little by little, over time.

“No one else can do your growing up work for you,” Swami Atmarupa would say, all these years giving me a gentle nudge forward. I wouldn’t be living in the space of grace without my teachers at Atma center, teachers who have introduced me to and taught me how to use our awesome God-given inner tools: awareness, breath, life force, meditation, subtle movements, sound, and many more. 

Over the last fourteen years, my yoga practice has moved me from being 75% insane, 70% in pain, 80% physically blind, and an emotional basket case, to being a more calm, less stressed person with normal vision. And from my teachers I have experienced unyielding patience; they have never given up on me, they have invested in and had faith in me, and they have always seen in me that which I thought could not awaken. This has brought me great healing. I continue to learn, to grow and to improve every day. I see this. My heart is full of gratitude. Om."

– SB

"Coming to the Atma Center has changed my life.  The practices themselves helped me to move forward positively naturally from within.  Taking the Yoga Academy Of North America courses really brings everything together and solidifies my understanding intellectually as well as emotionally and spiritually."

- Sue G.

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