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Self Therapy Clinic

with Sandy Gross
6pm to 8pm
 12/4, 12/11, 12/18

Study Yoga Mentoring Group

with Swami Atmarupa & Sandy Gross
 12/7, 12/9, 1/11, 1/13,  2/8, 2/10


with Swami Atmarupa
Friday, Dec 7, 7-8:30 AM
Open to All-Please Preregister

Restorative Workshop

with Deb Smith
Sunday, Dec 9
3:30pm to 5:30pm


Fine-Tuning Your Practice
A New Blog from Swami Atmarupa

Digital Downloads
Recordings of Guided Yoga Practices and More!

Code of Practice 

The Code of Practice articulates the knowledge, skills and methods that define the practice of yoga teaching by Accredited Teachers.  These are the hallmarks of Satyananda Yoga teaching.  

1.  We acknowledge the ancient wisdom and tradition of yoga and the integrated system of yoga practices developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati as the source of our inspiration and the basis of our yoga teaching.

2.  We teach yoga within the limits of our training, experience and competence in this integrated system, and from the knowledge gained by ongoing personal practice.

3.   We structure our yoga classes in a way that gives students time and space to develop their awareness and to witness their own experiences as they perform yoga practices. We encourage personal responsibility in students.

4.  We teach predominantly by verbal instruction, demonstrate practices where necessary, observe the practices of students, provide feedback where appropriate, and seek to maintain a non-competitive and relaxed atmosphere in the class.

5.   We systematically teach a range of integrated practices in a gradual, safe, balanced and caring way. We exercise professional discretion at all times in selecting only those practices appropriate to students in any particular teaching situation and state appropriate contra-indications for the yoga practices.

6.  We see yoga practices as a pathway to holistic personal development assisting both students and teachers to meet their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential. We teach practices that work on all the koshas/layers of the human being and encourage a deeper awareness of the movement of energy in the body.

7.  We are mindful of students’ health issues, needs and limitations, and where appropriate seek guidance from, and/or refer students to, more experienced teachers and other practitioners.

8.  We embrace the need for ongoing professional development as we continue to expand our skills and knowledge of teaching and practicing yoga, network/share experiences with and support other accredited teachers.

Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is part of the accreditation process for all teachers teaching at the Atma Center.  It is provided and monitored by the Yoga Academy of North America (YANA).

YANA recognizes yoga teaching as a noble profession and has set forth this Code of Conduct to provide teachers with guidelines to inspire and protect students.  YANA recognizes the hierarchal nature or the teacher/student relationship.  YANA believes that it is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure a safe environment where a student can grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Stay informed of developments in yoga through ongoing professional development
o   Attend workshops and classes regularly
o   Integrate ongoing information into class instruction

Represent our training, experience and abilities truthfully
o   Refrain from exaggeration of any qualification
o   Provide instruction only in areas of competence
o   Respect copyrights and give appropriate acknowledgement
o   Seek out mentoring for weak areas of practice
o   Establish a referral system

Maintain confidentiality of student information
o   Secure all student records
o   Respect students’ private, personal information and do not share unless permitted by student
o   Respect privacy information that has been given to employer or studio for whom you teach
o   Obtain written permission for use of photos or videos of students

Conduct financial matters according to recognized accounting procedures
o   Set fees according to market value
o   Report earnings according to tax laws

Personal conduct
o   Avoid substance abuse
o   Maintain a healthy lifestyle
o   Maintain a personal practice
o   Aspire to embody the principles of yoga

Maintain appropriate relationship boundaries and respect for each student
o   Refrain from all forms of discrimination and harassment
o   Respect every student’s belief system
o   Exercise extreme caution before entering into teacher/student dual relationships, such as sexual, business, or close personal relationships
o   Establish communication/seek out counseling with mentors/peers to discuss any teacher/student relationship issues

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