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Yoga for EVERY Body.

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with Swami Atmarupa
Sunday, Sep 9, 3:30-5 PM
Monday, Oct 8, 12-1:30 PM
Wednesday, Nov 7, 7-8:30 AM
Friday, Dec 7, 7-8:30 AM

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with Swami Atmarupa
8/19, 9/16, 10/14, 11/11


with Mark
SATURDAY AUGUST 25th, 2-4 pm

Learn how to use fire as a tool of transformation!

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Yoga for Kids!

The benefits of Yoga for Kids include,
but are not limited to:

• Improved ability to relax and calm themselves
• Reduced stress
• Increased focus and concentration
• Increased strength and flexibility
• Improved coordination and balance
• Improved gross and fine motor skills
• Improved sleep patterns
• Improved digestion
• Increased self-confidence
• Development of a healthy, active lifestyle

Winner of Macaroni Kid Cleveland East Gold Daisy: Best Kids' Yoga!
Winner: Best Kids' Yoga - Macaroni Kid Cleveland East

Private Classes for Children

Your child will enjoy personalized instruction from one of our highly-qualified instructors. Private classes are available for children of all ages.

Classes can be designed to address specific concerns:

  • Physical concerns
  • Emotional difficulties (anxiety, depression)
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • ADHD or impulse control

Or enjoy specialized instruction in:

  • Mom & Baby Yoga
  • Parent/Caregiver & Child Yoga
  • Family Yoga

  Schedule a Private Class!

Learn more or contact us for details.

Off-Site Yoga Classes for Children

Our teachers are available to bring our unique style of yoga to you!

Consider a yoga class:

  • At school (preschool through high school)
  • At your meeting or event (Girl Scout meetings, etc.)
  • At church
  • In the park

Please contact us at info@atmacenter.com or call 216-371-9760 to plan your event. 

Policies and Procedures for Children's Classes

Welcome to YOGA for KIDS at the ATMA CENTER! We offer fun-filled yoga classes that will promote coordination, balance and concentration. At this time we would like to cover some rules and procedures. A waiver must be signed by an adult at the beginning of the first class before their child may attend the class.
  •  Shoes are stored under the benches located in our store. Coats are to be hung on the hooks outside of studios. Personal belongings and valuables may be brought into the studio (no food or drinks); cell phones silenced and placed in the cubbies along the wall. Please wear comfortable clothing. 
  •  Children should use the restroom prior to class as the teacher will not be available to escort them once class has begun. 
  •  Children must be signed in and out of class by parent/guardian.
  •  Parents/guardians of children ages 4-7 attending a yoga class alone should remain at the Atma Center during your child’s class.
  •  We must have a parent/guardian contact number for all children attending any class if parent is not present. This applies to ages 8 and up.
  •  Children develop at different rates. Please encourage your child and avoid comparisons.
  •  It is our mission to introduce yoga to children in a calm, safe and fun environment. Children causing a disturbance for other students may be asked to leave the class. The teacher will first make every effort to contact the parent/guardian to work through any challenges but the teacher reserves the right to excuse the child from future classes if the disturbances continue.
  •  In parent/tot classes, the adult should feel comfortable in taking a disruptive child out of the room until they are ready to return. Please, parents, turn cell phones off. 
  •  The goal of the yoga program for younger children is that they develop a positive experience without concern for performance of the practices.