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Upcoming Events


Be a Student of Your Body - Student Workshop Series

with Sandy Gross

Sat, January 19th Noon to 5pm

Study Yoga Mentoring Group

with Swami Atmarupa & Sandy Gross
 2/8, 2/10

Restorative Yoga : Opening to Healing Energy 

with Deb Smith
Friday, Feb. 15th 5:30 to 7:30pm

Forgiveness & Salutations : Lifestyle Yama & Niyama

with Swami Atmarupa
Sat. March 2nd 2:00 to 4:00 pm



Fine-Tuning Your Practice
A New Blog from Swami Atmarupa

Digital Downloads
Recordings of Guided Yoga Practices and More!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow you to move.  Dressing in layers will keep you more comfortable during the different phases of class.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a mat if you have one, otherwise you can rent one here for $2 per class.  Other props and blankets are available for your use in the studios, but feel free to bring your own.

Where do I park?

We have a free parking lot behind our building that can be entered off Dellwood Road.  There is other ample parking nearby if our lot is full.

What if I arrive and the sign says closed on the front door?

We do run classes outside of the store hours.  Please try opening the door even though the sign says closed.  If you are more than five minutes late, the door may be locked.

Do I need to preregister online?

To ensure your spot or to be notified of a class cancellation due to weather or other emergencies, we recommend that you do register online.  There is no penalty to cancel your reservation.

What is meant by “level of practice?”  

The regular classes are taught in a progression that moves from beginner to more advanced as follows:

Fundamental Yoga     Classical Yoga    Progressive Yoga    Intermediate Yoga   

What is the level of practice of the “Specialty Classes?”

All specialty classes are designed to accommodate students of all levels.

Why are some classes shaded on the schedule?

These are classes that require a higher level of experience in asana, pranayama and meditation.  If you have done yoga previously and wish to attend these classes, we will ask permission of the teacher after learning more about your experience.  

If I don’t use all my classes on my class pass by the expiration date what can I do?

All of our passes are good for six months.  You will receive several emails at fixed intervals reminding you of the expiration date. We hope that your experience is so positive you use up your pass long before it expires!

Please evaluate your schedule and your intention for attending classes prior to making your purchase.  Our staff will be happy to help you choose the package that will work best for you.


Can my child come to yoga class?

Our Yoga for Kids classes accomodate children from 3 - 12 years of age. Children 13 years of age and older are welcome to attend adult yoga classes with a guardian. We also offer private yoga classes for children.

Can I bring my child and leave them unattended while I take a class?

Children under the age of 16 not attending class are not allowed to remain unattended anywhere at the Atma Center even if their parent is attending class.

If I become ill or go on vacation, can I extend my annual membership or class pass?

Our policy is no extensions.  We realize that people do get sick and go on vacation and this is accounted for in our rate structure.  If you are hospitalized, we will work with you to achieve an equitable solution.

Is yoga a form of religion?

No.  Yoga predates all religions and can enhance your beliefs in your own particular faith.  We have a contract with a local church providing classes before their services.  In 2012, we received a community award “Best Place to Practice Your Spirituality” in the Best of Heights awards.


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