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Be a Student of Your Body - Student Workshop Series

with Sandy Gross

Sat, January 19th Noon to 5pm

Study Yoga Mentoring Group

with Swami Atmarupa & Sandy Gross
 2/8, 2/10

Restorative Yoga : Opening to Healing Energy 

with Deb Smith
Friday, Feb. 15th 5:30 to 7:30pm

Forgiveness & Salutations : Lifestyle Yama & Niyama

with Swami Atmarupa
Sat. March 2nd 2:00 to 4:00 pm



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Do You Really Want to Change?

As we approach the end of January, many New Year's resolutions have fallen by the wayside.  Yet when we set our goals on January 1 there was such solid determination and so much hope for change.  "This is the year I will finally .......(fill in the blank)."  But as the days have passed, we have come to realize that solid determination and hope are hard to maintain.  We slip back into the same old, same old.

Why is it so difficult to change the patterns of our personality, our behavior?  Why do we become impatient waiting for signs of progress?  Why do we develop resistance and give up, abandoning our resolutions or goals?

Yoga offers answers to all of these questions.  These answers are based on understanding the complex nature of who we are.  Each person’s personality arises from the different components of the mind, patterns of actions from the past, and the influence of subtle energy centers within the body.  These various forces combine not only to establish who we are, but continually exert their influences to perpetuate who we are.  Basically every cell and vibration of our being is programmed to recreate itself and will therefore resist the changes we are try to make.

We must face that change is never easy.  If it were simple we would all be perfect, enlightened beings by now.  It requires what yoga refers to as “drashta bhava” or the feeling of being the witness, the seer.  It is the ability to see our thoughts, our behaviors, all of our actions with a level of non-attached awareness that will help us manage the mind and life in a more proactive and positive way.  It requires special yoga practices to cultivate the ongoing level of awareness that facilitates change. 

It has been said, "Problems cannot be solved by the same level of awareness that created them - a new level of awareness must be developed."  The practice of yoga at the Atma Center is geared toward changing, developing and deepening awareness to help you change. 

If you would like to delve even deeper into awareness and transform your life, consider attending the Yogic Studies courses.  The next entry level course will be held in May.  For more information go to www.yogaacademyna.org.



Deepening What We Know

When I was in India a few months ago, the head of our tradition, Swami Niranjanananda, announced that the focus of yoga needed to change. For the past 50 years, the motivating force has been expansion, and that has been achieved. Yoga is almost everywhere – in studios, gyms, schools, prisons, advertising. It has taken on an almost infinite variety of forms – Doga (yes, yoga for your dog), paddleboard yoga, yoga & chocolate, yoga & wine, PiYo etc. If the current rate of yoga expansion continues, then statistically everyone in the US will be practicing yoga by 2040.

Where do we go from here?  Swami Niranjanananda says that the goal for the next 50 years of yoga must be deepening what we already know. This applies to our personal practice as well as yoga in general. Instead of striving to add on new techniques, new styles and new variations, seek to truly master what you have already learned.  Sure, you have done natural breath awareness countless times, but have you perfected it? Can you stay awake and connected through an entire shavasana or are you still drifting?

Returning to the foundations of your practice can bring new and fresh insights, as you are not the same person now as you were when you started yoga. Reading about the theory behind the movements can make your poses even more meaningful. Keep digging deeper into what you already know, and you will tap into a wellspring of wisdom, peace and calm you never knew existed. Your yoga practice – and your life – will move to a higher level.



Our theme for January 2016 is “Begin Again.”  It may seem like a simple thing to do at the beginning of a new year, but trying to truly incorporate it into one’s life is not so simple.  How easy do you find it to let go of the past and begin again?

We make resolutions at the beginning of the year.  This year I will lose weight.  This year I will exercise daily.  This year I will refrain from getting angry.  This year I will……fill in the blank!  But as soon as we don’t quite manage to do what we say we are going to do, the negative self-talk starts.  We get stuck in self-doubt and resistance to moving forward arises.  This subconscious resistance consumes a lot of energy and with time we can no longer muster the will to try.

It’s time we look at our goals and start with small steps.  Take each new day as a fresh opportunity to step forward.  Today I will make healthy choices in my food.  Today I will park further from the entrance, or this week I will take 2 yoga classes instead of 1.  Today I will work on happiness and if I begin to get irritated, I will look for the anger that is being triggered inside me and own it as mine and not the result of something outside of me. 

Today I will take the opportunity to truly put the past where it belongs and begin again.  And if I fail, I will begin again tomorrow.