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India 2014: The Material and the Spiritual

The Material and the Spiritual

We have just returned from Agra, where we saw two amazing pieces of architecture - the Red Fort of Agra and the Taj Mahal. These two edifices are linked through history but also by the fact that they are testaments to the material ingenuity of humankind. The Taj took 22 years and 20,000 people to build, according to our guide, but the more impressive fact is that it all of the precise joining, carving and inlay was done without the help of any modern technologies. The designers even took the time to include clever optical illusions - the script at the top of the Taj's arches looks to be the same size as the script near the bottom, although it is such a distance away from the viewer at the base that it should look much smaller as one gazes upward. What intelligence and foresight it took to include this trick!

Now the journey continues to a place of equal intelligence and foresight - the yoga ashram. Here the emphasis is not on developing impressive material structures without, but unmatched spiritual growth within. The techniques we will be experiencing have been passed down for centuries because they create beautiful, durable human beings. What insight the ancient yogis had to develop techniques that produce calmness, joy and wisdom, no matter the age, culture or educational level of the student.

When we return, we look forward to sharing with you not only our photographs of outer perfection but the results of our inner work, as well. Until then, may you all enjoy both the material and the inner wealth of the holiday season.


Best & oms,


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India 2014: Hari Om from Delhi!

Hari Om from Delhi!

Members of our group are arriving safe and sound. Most of our group started traveling on Tuesday and arrive here on Thanksgiving Day. We are taking the opportunity to refresh ourselves with great vegetarian food and with a long sleep. In just a few hours we board a private bus for a trip to one of the most magnificent architectural sites in the world -  the Taj Mahal.

I have had the privilege of seeing the Taj twice now and am eager to see it again. The time of day makes such of a difference for the experience. My first time, our group visited at sunrise, and the reddish-orange light on the white marble was breath-taking. The peace and quiet of the new dawn hours gave us plenty of time to linger in the silence of the inner chamber, experiencing the incredible acoustics and energy of the place.

The second time, just a few years ago, we visited during the day, when a bluebird sky framed the main structure and all of its towers brilliantly.  The crowds made our time in the Taj much shorter and more hurried, but the people- and squirrel-watching opportunities made up for that.

Each time I have visited, I have learned something more about the stories behind the Taj's construction - both inspiring and saddening - and the culture that produced such an impressive piece of art. I am certain I will have that same experience again. We look forward to sharing our journey with you!


Best & Oms,



The Holidays Are Upon Us....

It comes every year. Preceded by almost two months of Hallmark movies, often portrayed as a happy gathering of everyone from the distant corners of the globe in which they reside. We love to think of the holidays as a special time. But as the songs play out, the wind gets bitterer, and the cheery-ness grows overwhelming, we find ourselves looking towards the New Year end of the tunnel.

Don't get me wrong. It truly is a wonderful time of the year... but it is exhausting and stressful as well. Those stresses come in many forms: in-laws, the ever-present consumerism, weather, the overeating, Uncle Luke's tireless "stories" of how he backpacked through the Swiss Alps with nothing on but yoga pants and flip-flops riding a yak that he befriended after beating off the mountain goats bullying said yak...

Here at the Atma Center, we understand. We also share your frustrations and stresses and we wish to relieve you of them! Our Satyananda Yoga Nidra® classes introduce techniques to help overcome the obstacles of the body and achieve calmness of mind. Through guided meditation, you will discover how to silence your mind and create stillness in your body. After just one class you can feel the effects take hold; allowing you to find peace inside of the "storm" known as the holidays. Offered on Mondays and Thursdays, this class led by Gita will teach you how to reconnect with the spirit of the season.

Another unforgotten aspect of holiday stress is dealing with the pounds upon pounds of food that we consume. We pack on extra weight and end up making New Year’s resolutions to get rid of it. The overeating coupled with Jack Frost keeping us inside throws off our digestive process. The Atma Center is offering a workshop to deal with just that... your digestive fire. Omkar will show you how the nervous system and immune system are related to the digestive system, and why that matters for optimizing your digestive health. She will also show you how to safely exercise the abdominal area and improve food absorption, increase your energy and boost your immunity; through breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques! This workshop will be held on Saturday, December 13th, from 2:00 - 4:00PM.

Join us here at the Atma Center, and let us show you how to change your life through a holistic approach. The Atma Center, yoga for everyBODY.