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““The yogi who is satisfied with the knowledge and wisdom of the SELF, who has conquered the senses, and to whom a clod of earth, a piece of stone and gold are the same, is said to be harmonized””

Swami Sivananda’s translation and commentary of the Bhagavad Gita


How Satyananda Yoga® supports Breast Health - by Omkar

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. While many pink ribbon campaigns are at the forefront this month, it is important to think about the daily or weekly ways that we women can support the health of our breasts. One great system for that support is yoga.

The thought of yoga for the breasts might seem strange at first. Indeed, imagining special postures with or for the breasts could lead to some funny images. However, the breasts are an integral part of the female body and since yoga is a holistic practice, the breast should also be taken into account – not only during National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Anatomically, the breasts are made of a variety of tissues, including muscle, fat, glands, ducts, circulatory and lymphatic structures. Blood circulates through the breasts thanks to the pumping action of the heart, but lymph circulation depends on the movements of our limbs as the lymphatic system has no independent pump structure.

One way in which SATYANANDA YOGA® serves breast health is through the first Pawanmuktasana (PMAs) series. Whenever we do any full joint movement, we actively stimulate lymphatic circulation. Working with the joints closest to the breasts - the shoulders (shoulder rotations) and neck (all four of the neck PMAs) - is especially beneficial to circulate lymph in the breast tissue. The armpits and neck hold the largest concentration of lymph nodes, specialized glands which play a key role in the immune system, producing immune-boosting lymphocytes and serving as filters. Increasing the blood and lymphatic circulation in their vicinity supports their important role.

Besides the mechanical aspects of lymphatic flow, there is also an important hormonal component to breast health addressed through Satayananda Yoga Nidra®. This practice of deep relaxation balances the activity of the pituitary and pineal glands, which are key endocrine glands located in the brain. They control the activity of other glands, including the thyroid and ovaries, which in turn influence the hormonal processes of the breasts.

These are only two of many aspects of how yoga, and Satayananda Yoga in particular, promotes greater breast health. There are many more, including other asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditations that are important for the holistic health of the female body. Join the Oct 25th workshop on Yoga for Breast Health, led by Omkar, to learn the details of these practices. While yoga might not cure breast disease, it can serve as a fantastic support for holistic breast health – in October and always.