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Be a Student of Your Body - Student Workshop Series

with Sandy Gross

Sat, January 19th Noon to 5pm

Study Yoga Mentoring Group

with Swami Atmarupa & Sandy Gross
 2/8, 2/10

Restorative Yoga : Opening to Healing Energy 

with Deb Smith
Friday, Feb. 15th 5:30 to 7:30pm

Forgiveness & Salutations : Lifestyle Yama & Niyama

with Swami Atmarupa
Sat. March 2nd 2:00 to 4:00 pm



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Student Testimonial - "Atma Center is my Cheers"

What a wonderful testimonial from one of our students. Thank you, Robin!

The Atma Center is my Cheers. Even when I have been absent for a long period of time, I always feel welcomed and everybody knows my name. I believe this has enhanced my yogic experience and why I always return to the Atma Center. Because of my constantly changing schedule, my attendance has been inconsistent. However, when I am able to take a class, the Atma Center is my first choice. There are several reasons for this including a great respect for the instructors, an appreciation for the Satyananda Yoga approach, and the cordial atmosphere.

I have grown to really appreciate the Satyananda Yoga style. Through this practice, I am much more aware of my body and my body-mind connection. Because the instruction is so clear, I have been able to develop my own home practice. Every morning I wake up and before I even get out of bed, I complete several asanas including ankle rotations and sleeping abdominal stretches. When I rise, I complete 5-10 Tadasana (palm tree pose) movements and often go right into Tiryaka Tadasana (swaying palm tree pose) and/or waist rotating pose. My favorite meditative pose is legs up against the wall, as well as corpse pose when engaging in Yoga Nidra (almost every afternoon).

Through the Atma Center, I learned about the big orange book: Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha. I refer to this book often, especially when I need suggestions for practice to ease my lower back pain and/or digestive difficulties. But I would not be able to fully understand the writings in this text without having been first introduced to these poses through my coursework at the Atma Center. In addition to the regular classes, I have taken several seminars including instruction for specific areas like shoulders, posture, lower back, and restorative yoga.

Even when I am not physically at the Atma Center, I am always there in spirit as I have taken what I have learned and practiced at the Atma Center into my daily experience. I interpret this as being a great return on my investment! Hence, I continue to invest in the Atma Center in enriching my personal yogic practice.

In Gratitude,

Robin Leichtman